Wording for Your Christian Unity Sand Ceremony

Another popular unity ceremony is the Christian Unity Sand Ceremony. We looked at some wording suggestions for the unity candle ceremony here. Now let’s consider some options for the unity sand ceremony.

For this ceremony, you will need at least three containers – two smaller containers to hold your individual sand and a larger center container. The idea is that you each pour your sand into the larger container blending the two colors of sand together to create one beautiful multi-colored keepsake container. The symbolism behind this is that you each bring your own individuality – your own color if you will – to the marriage. As the sand is joined and blended, the individual colors still show but are permanently mixed together. It really is a beautiful ceremony and much better for outdoor and beach weddings where the wind could wreak havoc on candles.

This ceremony is also growing in popularity for blended families. Each family member is a part of the ceremony and can see their individual sand in the new union. It is a beautiful way to symbolically join the entire family together in a spirit of unity. Sophie’s Favors & Gifts carries a 7 piece sand set for family ceremonies. Click here to view it in a new tab.

Traditionally, the parents do not have a role in the unity sand ceremony. This is one key difference between sand and candles. If you are going to use sand, you will need to design a different way to acknowledge your parents in your wedding ceremony.

The wording for the sand ceremony is similar to the candle ceremony. After you exchange your vows (or after you are pronounced husband and wife) the pastor explains to the congregation that you are symbolizing the joining together of your individual lives in unity through the pouring of sand. “Each color symbolizes the individual life you held before today. As you pour this sand together, your lives are now joined together in the spirit of unity and bond of love. Just as each individual color is still visible in the joined sand so are you each still an individual person. At the same time, you are now joined together just as the sand can never be separated.”

At this each individual pours their sand into the larger container.

Like with the unity candle ceremony, you could play soft music or have a soloist perform a song during the ceremony. Once the unity sand ceremony is finished, you will have a beautiful keepsake container of blended sand to remind you of the beauty of your wedding day and the unity you promised to walk in. I don’t know about you but I just love the unity ceremonies!

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